Join the Iberian Horse Dressage Masters – MCI GB

Membership is suitable for everyone that is interested in Iberian horses, specifically dressage:

Iberian Horses are defined as:  Purebred  & Part-bred Spanish horses PRE (Pura Raza Espaňol) and Purebred & Part-bred Portuguese Lusitano horses PSL

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Annual Membership Fees (1st January – 31st December):

Non-competing Member: £26 per year (Breeder/Owner/Supporter) 

Rider & 1st Purebred Horse: £55 per year

Rider & 1st Partbred Horse: £40 per year

Additional competing Horses:

Purebreds: £25 per year

Partbreds: £20 per year

When you join the Iberian Horse Dressage Masters Association (IDM), you will be signing up to an equestrian organisation and interactive community that celebrates and promotes the Iberian horse in the field of dressage and which is dedicated to provide members with comprehensive programmes and services. As a Member, you will benefit from the following:

  • Entry to the Qualifying Series for the MCI Championships
  • Many discounts which are included in the membership pack such as exclusive training opportunities, discounts on travel, tack and many equine products

Only members and their registered Purebred horses can achieve qualification for the MCI European Championships, part-breds are able to compete but are not allowed to qualify for the Championships according to MCI rules.