IDM Dressage League 2015

28 Feb IDM Dressage League 2015

Well done to everyone that participated in our first IDM Dressage League. Check out the results below.

If you’re interested in getting involved this year, find out more here and how to qualify here. It’s simple and easy to participate and a great way of competing with other Iberian horses all over the country.

LEVELRIDERHORSE123Top 3 scores Average %Placings 
PrelimLauren SpradburyPomelo V70.6079.4268.54218.5672.851st
Nika VorsterChulo Msuay75.0069.5468.46213.0071.00
Miranda LambieZalla de Bariain65.0065.6864.40195.0864.02
NoviceLauren Spradbury Pomelo V 72.04 64.01 71.07 207.12 69.04 1st
Paul CornishTemperano67.93 70.0068.10 206.03 68.67
Alice HurleyFar Lichi72.5970.54 70.00213.1371.04Score not counted
Horse sold
Miranda LambieTi Amo69.6666.2163.10198.9766.32
Miranda LambieZalla de Bariain65.5264.8263.44193.7864.59
Elementary Patricia Townsend Marques XC68.39 68.10 67.50 203.99 67.99 1st
Charlotte Crocker-Westlake Lago Fulgor67.42 68.38 66.91 202.71 67.57
Harriet Dean Catrina66.60 68.20 67.03 201.83 67.27
MediumRebecca BrennandAlbero LXXX68.8268.9272.06209.8069.931st
Alice HurleyResuelto XX69.2468.5367.42205.1968.39
Debbie SymesOnassis-RMC63.23 65.0070.34198.57 66.19
Laura SmithAlmansor65.7668.0364.19197.98 65.99
Harriet DeanCatrina63.3864.9064.85193.1364.37
Advanced Medium Alice HurleyDeseado CCV 71.0870.0068.38209.4669.821st
Alice HurleyResuelto XX68.8265.4464.71198.9766.32
Debbie SymesOnassis-RMC64.5961.3261.62187.5362.51
PSGRebecca BrennandBarquero JF63.6868.9564.34196.9765.651st
Grand PrixJustine ArmitageTrigueiros63.7064.9065.91194.5164.831st
Highest % of 2015 - Lauren Spradbury on Pomelo V
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