Declaration of Participation

In order to compete in our IDM Dressage League held at affiliated British Dressage venues throughout the UK, please complete and sign this Declaration of Participation for the 2016 season. You can submit this Declaration at any time of the year but the earlier the better. Please declare which level/s you wish to enter. This declaration allows us, on your behalf, to verify the top 3 scores for each of your registered horses that you wish to enter, from the BD website results pages. See rules below:

Rules & Regulations:

  • Only scores of 62% or higher will be accepted
  • At the beginning of each scoring year, all competitors must submit a Declaration of Participation
  • Horses cannot compete in more than two consecutive levels within one qualifying year
  • Riders may compete in multiple levels with different horses
  • Scores from any affiliated British Dressage venue or any CDI may be included in the sheets submitted
  • Riders must have a minimum of 3 scores at their declared level. If the rider submits more than 3 scores the lower scores will be discounted and the average will be taken from the
    top 3 scores at all times
  • Riders must send a copy of their final 3 test sheets either by email to: or by post to: Iberian Dressage Masters, Horsehay Farm, Duns Tew Road,
    Middle Barton, Oxfordshire OX7 7DQ before the 31st December of each year.
  • The 3 scores must be achieved by competing at 3 different venues
  • Freestyle scores will not be accepted as qualifying scores
  • An Overall Champion and Reserve Champion will be named annually for each level at the end of the qualifying season (after 31st December)
  • The scoring season will be from 1st January – 31st December. Scores will be collected and verified by the Iberian Dressage Masters and the results will be available on the website.
  • Fabulous prizes will be awarded.
  • Our aim is to recognise the accomplishments of our Dressage riders, owners and horses


Owner Name (required)

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Please provide your top 3 scores so far this year, with the percentage and date achieved:

You, the Member of the Iberian Dressage Masters, are submitting this Declaration in agreement to the Rules & Regulations outlined above and in the capacity of: OwnerRiderBoth