Iberian Dressage Championships


The IDM DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS is a dressage league exclusively for Iberian horses – PRE (Andalusian/Spanish) and PSL (Lusitano/Portuguese) including all part-breds. The Championships cover all levels from Prelim classes up to Grand Prix. All classes can be entered through normal routes for affiliated British Dressage at venues throughout the UK.

Each year a Champion and Reserve Champion will be announced at each level, based on the competitors average of three highest scores during the qualifying season.

The scoring season will run from 1st January – 31st December and each combination needs to obtain a minimum of 3 scores of 62% or higher on 3 separate dates to qualify.

Fabulous prizes will be awarded each year!

To be eligible you need to be a member of the Iberian Dressage Masters. This Championship is completely separate to the MCI GB Dressage League.